2.16 From Closet to Comedy

Elizabeth Collins went from staying quiet about having gay dads while growing up in Texas to telling stories about her family on stage. How does a person go from closet to comedy success?

Guest Info:

Elizabeth Collins was raised by gay men in the South during the 1990’s. This is why she is now a standup comedian and writer. Her one person show, “Raised By Gays and Turned Out OK!” premiered at the Hollywood Fringe in 2015, and was called by one of LA’s toughest critics, “extremely funny.” The show has since gone on to San Francisco, Houston, Bakersfield, and Santa Barbara. She has published stories, essays and articles about being queerspawn in places such as Vice, Marie Claire, Slate, Salon and McSweeney’s. When she isn’t writing or telling jokes, she is leading the LA Chapter of COLAGE, a national organization for the children of LGBTQ parents. You can learn more about her here: www.elizabethcollins.com.

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