2.15 Trans-Racial Adoption & Identity

Guest Info:

Nate Peterson was adopted in the early ‘90s along with his younger brother by two men looking to start a family. A few years later they adopted a little girl and not stopping there, they adopted another little girl to complete this family of six. Nate and his siblings identify as African American and his fathers are white.

Johnny Cole received his M.A.T. from State University of New York at Cortland and B.S. from Boston University. Johnny is a proud member of an interracial family, built with love with his husband and their two adopted children and three adopted cats. Currently working as a high school administrator, he previously spent more than a dozen years in the classroom as an English teacher, working at both urban and suburban schools in the Boston area. Johnny also teaches graduate level courses with Initiatives for Developing Equity and Achievement for Students (IDEAS) focusing on the impact of race and racism in educational settings.

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