2.22 Let's Talk About Trauma

LGBTQ individuals and families are beautiful, kind, complex, and can experience trauma, just like any family. What is unique to LGBTQ families is the added layer of stigma and fear of discrimination. What happens if we seek help and acknowledge that we aren't perfect? Will we get the help and support we need, or face unjust criticism? Lara Lillibridge is the daughter of LGBTQ parents who dealt with trauma and mental illness at home. In her new book, Girlish, she shares those experiences and opens the door for honest conversations about the resilency and love of our families. 

In this episode, we’re going to discuss trauma, mental illness, and abuse in our families. If that is triggering for anyone, this may be an episode to skip.

Meet Our Guest

Lara Lillibridge sings off-beat and dances off-key. She is a graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan College’s MFA program in creative nonfiction. In 2016, she won the Slippery Elm Literary Journal’s Prose Contest, American Literary Review’s Creative Nonfiction Contest, and was a finalist in both Black Warrior Review’s Nonfiction Contest and Disquiet’s Literary Prize in Creative Nonfiction. Lara resides in Cleveland, Ohio. Connect with Lara Lillibridge at www.laralillibridge.com or on Twitter.

Girlish is available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and IndieBound